Planning Your Pet’s Portrait

Maddy & Oscar Dog Portrait Diptych

When you call to inquire about a portrait session for your pet we will first schedule a conversation to plan your portraits. There is no charge for this initial consultation, which usually takes place at your home. As a photographer, Mark wants to get to know you and your pet so we’re not strangers when it’s time to create your dog or cat’s portraits. Your pet is going to be more comfortable in front of the camera if she has already had time to get to know Mark.

Some of the topics we’ll talk about are:

Dachshunds: Dog Portrait

Who will be included in your portrait?

How many pets and what are their names? If more than one, do you want us to photograph them individually, together, or both? What about a portrait of you or your family with your pets? Our session fee covers all these options.

What activities do you and your pet do together?

This helps us decide what kind of portrait to create, and where. It could be snuggling on the sofa or playing catch in the park.

What are some of your pet’s favorite places?

Is it your back yard, your cat’s favorite lounging spot in the sun, or a nearby park where you and your dog go to exercise.

What time of day?

Just like people, pets have times when they're going to be most relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. If you're thinking of an outdoor portrait we'll consider where the sun is going to be so we can photograph your best friend in the best light.

Where will you display your portrait art?

Will a vertical or horizontal portrait be more appropriate? What size is going to look best on your wall? Matted? Framed? Gallery wrap? Portrait gallery grouping? Or are you thinking about a coffee table book to remember your pet with many images?

Dog Portrait

At the end of your consultation we’ll schedule your pet’s portrait session. The session fee is due at that time.