Your Pet’s Portrait Session

Your pet’s portrait session will last an hour or two. During the first fifteen minutes or so Mark will get reacquainted with your four-legged friend.

Fergus : Cat Portrait

We’ll have already discussed the location and the kinds of situations to create in your pet’s portrait. You’re free to suggest additional ideas as we go along. As your pet’s human companion you’ll be an active partner in the portrait process. Mark will concentrate on the photography while you’re interacting with your furry friend. Some of the best portraits include pets and their humans so plan to wear clothing you look good in.

We know that many pets move quickly, or tire of an activity, so we’ll move from one setup to another during the session. There will be some down time so your pet doesn’t have to feel like he’s on stage and expected to perform all the time. A portrait session is usually a lively, fun time for everyone.

Mark may work with either natural light alone or augment it with electronic flash to make sure he gets catchlights in your pet’s eyes. He usually gets down on the ground to see eye-to-eye with your furry friend. He can definitely be counted on to make silly noises as he engages with your dog or cat. He’ll probably tell you where to stand or sit so your pet looks in the right direction.