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Preparing Your Pet for Their Portrait

Here are some tips to prepare your dog or cat for their portrait:

Oscar and Taimi : Dog Portrait


Whether you do it yourself or take your pet to the groomer, take care of grooming a day or two before the portrait session. If you wait until the day Fido is going to be photographed he may be stressed at portrait time and won't look his best.

Cats usually take care of their own grooming, but long-haired breeds may benefit from a little special attention from you.

Props & Toys

If you’re coming to the studio, or we’re going to a location away from your home, bring along a few of your pet’s favorites. These can help get great and natural expressions. If the portrait will be made at your home then control which toys are available.


Take your dog for a good walk prior to your session to work off some extra energy.


Because every pet owner has their own favorite treats we encourage you to bring them with you so you’re in control of their diet.